How to Make a Simple Ballerina Bun

Ballerina BunsIt’s that time a year when Tchaikovsky reigns supreme, and everyone dresses up to go see the Nutcracker. Bells are jingling and buns are bobbing across stages all around the DFW area. But how do you make that perfect bun? Our best advice is to have a professional do it. Even something as simple as a bun can look shoddy or glamorous, and everyone wants their daughter to be the belle of the ballet.

If you have to do the bun at home, don’t have the ballerina try to create the bun herself. Help her out by being her hair stylist for the day. Most people start by putting the hair in a pony tail, and twisting it into a bun. Then, securing it with bobby pins.

However, there’s actually a lot more that goes into it. For the simplest ballerina bun, you need to first make sure you have hair spray on hand, along with a brush, fine comb, and bobby pins.

  • Start with dry hair that has been well brushed, so there are no tangles.
  • Gather the hair using a fine comb. This will help reduce fly-aways and keep the hair smooth. S
  • Secure the hair with a hair band, and use the hair spray on the drown of the head to keep the hair smooth.
  • Secure a second, thicker hair band around the first to form the base of the bun.
  • Twist the hair in ¾ of a revolution around the hair bands in a counter-clockwise motion. Then place a straight bobby pin on the bottom, right of the bun. Place a second bobby pin starting from the top left part of the bun.
  • Twist the hair in a half circle and place more bobby pins around the left side of the pun.
  • Continue this process, moving in half-circles, until all you have left is to secure the ends of the hair.
  • Tuck the ends under the bun and secure with more bobby pins. Finish the bun off with a liberal dose of hair spray.

Don’t rush the process, as that is a sure way to a shoddy-looking bun.

If you feel intimidated by this process, or think it is too difficult, it’s always best to go to get it done professionally, especially for a performance like the Nutcracker. The Phoenix Salon has several stylists who specialize in up-dos.

Ask for Pat Chapman, Melanie Hahn, or Judy Fritz.

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