Beautiful woman

Our Approach

The Phoenix Salon provides a beautiful, comfortable atmosphere in a contemporary environment. We offer a full range of hair and nail services, along with facials and chair massage.

Our Story

The Phoenix Salon opened in the mid-1980’s and was a very formal, beautifully decorated salon on Lovers Lane.  It catered primarily to the upscale Park Cities clientele.  After going through many changes, the salon was purchased by Brian Hagerty in January 2008 at which time the Phoenix got a well-needed,  21st century makeover.

Brian came to the Phoenix Salon in 1992 with Judy Fritz and Balinda Serna.  This trio has worked together since 1985 and they are the nucleus of the salon.  Their work ethic and loyalty to the "Phoenix Family" is what makes this group so successful.

Come visit our Mockingbird location where everything is new and of the best quality. The two reception areas are extremely comfortable, with beautiful soft black leather chairs and glass tables.  There are 4 large flat screen TVs with runway fashions or hair demonstrations running all the time.  We have a new Pedicure room featuring individual "thrones" for each technician.  Enjoy a cup of fresh coffee, ice tea or a soft drink while waiting for your service.